Safer Alternatives

If you are trying to reduce your "total load"—all of the things that may be stressing your system and causing reactions—it works best if you go with products that are non-toxic, unscented and fragrance-free. Often it is not until we eliminate all fragrances and chemicals that we become aware of the fact that they were causing problems for us. Don’t feel deprived yet—keep reading!

Our bodies (and noses) can adapt to stressors so that we don’t immediately react, but that doesn’t stop them from doing damage. Once your immune system is activated, or your body’s detox pathways become backed up from chemical overload, the results cascade throughout your body, even if you don’t know what started them. Often you wind up with an illness "out of the blue" and when you ask "why me?" conventional medicine has no answer. Have you noticed that many formerly rare or unheard of illnesses are becoming more and more common, or that they’re happening to people at younger and younger ages?

Often, people who are ill feel generally sick most of the time and have no idea that exposure to everyday personal, laundry and cleaning products may be contributing to the problem—it all blurs together. And when they do clean up their environment, they are amazed at how much better they feel. Intractable pain, fatigue, and other difficult symptoms simply disappear. It is difficult to believe until you’ve experienced it for yourself. But oh, the joy—at being pain-free, or energetic again—when you had exhausted all your other options and been told by conventional medicine that there was no cure, that you would just have to learn to live with the condition.

While we do not offer medical advice here, we would like to point out that reducing the things in your environment that could be stressing your body, including your immune system, may reduce or eliminate previously intractable immune problems and illnesses. It has worked for many of us.

This is easier than ever now that many wonderful companies have formed to offer safer, non-toxic alternatives for those who want to take control of their lives and their health by making healthy choices for themselves and their families.




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