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One important concept to understand about allergy and chemical sensitivity is that of individual tolerance and reactivity. What is safe for one person may cause reactions for another.

We provide these resources as a starting point for products that are safer and less-toxic than mainstream, mass-produced products that often rely heavily upon chemicals for their manufacture.

Please be sure to test all items for personal tolerance.

And when you contact the companies, feel free to ask questions. Many companies see educating consumers about safer alternatives as part of their mission. Sometimes just reading a company’s catalog or website is educational in and of itself.

The following are companies who cater to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies. Their products are specifically selected with this population in mind, and they are most likely to understand and meet the needs of those who are sensitive.


American Environmental Health Foundation

Top-of-the-line resource for safer products, including supplements, personal & household products, some clothing, books & more. Run by an environmental physician. All profits benefit medical research on chemical sensitivity.


Supplements, books, health products, bedding, air filters, and educational information for the chemically sensitive

The Living Source

Products for the chemically sensitive and environmentally aware

Janice's Natural Comfort Collection

Bedding, bath, clothing, fabric, household, personal products for the chemically sensitive

KB Cotton Pillows

100% cotton bed pillows--natural, unbleached, undyed. Made in Texas. Recommended by top EI and allergy doctors.

The following companies are sources of many wonderful natural and less-toxic products, though they do not cater specifically to the chemically sensitive.


Lifekind's mission is to provide both information and products to help you reduce your daily exposures to unnecessary and hazardous chemicals. Bedding, personal and household products.

Tomorrow's World

Natural & organic clothing, bedding, household, & lifestyle products

Decent Exposures

Incredibly comfortable cotton clothing for women including organic cotton and latex-free elastic

Deva Lifewear

Cotton clothing for men and women, including natural, organic and

conventional cotton


Local Austin store off South Congress. Healthy products for the home, some organic & hemp clothing


Site with multitudes of links to products that are healthy for people and the environment


Eco-friendly clothing, home, and lifestyle products

Real Goods

Products for and ecologically sustainable future.


Following are some specific manufacturers whose products often work for those who are sensitive or allergic. Remember, personal tolerance varies, so test products for yourself.



Products formulated for to be safe for the chemically sensitive and healthier for everyone. Cleaning products, paints, finishes and more. Also make a great shampoo and body wash especially for those who are sensitive: AFM SafeChoice Head and Body Shampoo.

Allens Naturally

sensitive to your senses--free of perfumes and dyes

cruelty free--no animal testing or ingredients

concentrated to reduce packaging and provide economy

biodegradable... yet very powerful

Magick Botanicals

High quality hair, body, baby, and household products for clean, fragrance-free living

Nature Clean

Hypoallergenic, child-safe, cruelty-free household, laundry, and personal products specially formulated the chemically sensitive and allergic.


 Unscented, hypoallergenic, and environmentally safe household products.

Seventh Generation

Safer household and cleaning products. Look for the Free and Clear line of products.


Here are a few non-toxic, environmentally safe, natural cleaning/laundry products and ingredients that you can easily purchase at the grocery store or health food store. 

Grocery store: Baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Twenty Mule Team borax, Bon Ami powder or cleaning cake, Epsom salt, washing soda or super washing soda, chalk, rubbing alcohol, and lemons. 

Health food stores: Bees wax, zeolite, pumice, Vegetable-based glycerin, vegetable-oil-based liquid soap, non-petroleum jelly, citrus-seed extracts, Australian tea tree oil, carnauba wax, castile soap, lanolin and diatomaceous earth (not the type from the pool supply).


Use the following books and others to find out how to use common safe substances to clean and freshen your home, laundry, and body.


Clean & Green

by Annie Berthold-Bond 


Less-Toxic Alternatives

By Carolyn Gorman